Aero21 Ltd offers consultancy services in aircraft design, certification and organisational approval

Aircraft Design
Aero21 has expertise in mechanical, electrical and system design, with particular experience of specialist role equipment installation and engine installation in light aeroplanes and rotorcraft.

Aircraft Certification
Aero21 has broad experience of certification and can undertake all aspects of this activity.

Organisation Approval
Aero21 has a particular specialisation in organisation approvals. This includes:

Flight Testing
Aero21 can also assist with all aspects of the management of flight test programmes.

Aero21 can provide an auditing service for organisations approved under EASA Parts 21, 145 and M, and BCAR. We currently provide this service to several organisations on an on-going basis.

Aero21 is able to provide a flexible service tailored precisely to customers' needs and requirements. For more details on specific capabilities, click on the links above.

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